Cook Inlet Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CICADA) - Homer, Alaska - Affiliate of the Month - April 2018


About CICADA: With offices located in Homer and Kenai, Alaska, Cook Inlet Council on Alcohol and Drug Abuse (CICADA) provides clinically proficient treatment services for alcohol and drug abuse. Our mission at CICADA is to provide quality care for addiction treatment to the Southwestern Kenai Peninsula. In these treatment plans, we teach our clients to develop coping skills, identify relapse triggers, and rebuild their sense of self-worth and confidence. It’s within these coping skills that we ensure the success of our client’s recovery, since they will be utilizing them both during treatment and once they return home after treatment is over. At CICADA, we believe that everyone has the ability to recover from their addiction, despite how severe their addiction may be. We strive to do everything in our power to show our client’s that they can succeed in every facet of their life, not just in treatment. We are here...

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Council on Addictions of New York State (CANYS), Albany, NY - Affiliate of the Month- February 2018


Mission: The Council on Addictions of New York State (CANYS) is an organization of prevention education, intervention and treatment agencies throughout New York State that meets to address concerns and issues affecting the practice of prevention, intervention and treatment as well as issues of organizational efficiency including administrative, managerial, programmatic, fiscal and Board and staff concerns. The CANYS Mission is to effectively address alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and problem gambling in our local communities as well as regionally and statewide. Vision: We envision a world where health, safety, and wellness are the norm; one in which science-based alcohol, tobacco, other drugs, and problem gambling prevention services are regularly and effectively provided in every setting and domain and to all age groups; where problems related to alcohol, tobacco, other drugs and gambling are minimal; where recovery is celebrated, commonplace reality; and appropriate intervention and treatment are readily available to all who are...

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Trilogy Recovery Community, Walla Walla,WA -Affiliate of the Month- January 2018


Mission: To help young people stay clean and sober. Vision: All children live and thrive in a drug-free community. Trilogy Recovery Community is a grassroots collaboration of parents, youth, concerned citizens and community leaders who believe that all children deserve to live in a drug-free community. The name “Trilogy” emphasizes the critical importance of Youth, Families, and Community working together to help young people remain drug free. Visit Trilogy Recovery Community website Fan on FacebookFollow on Twitter NCADD Affiliates

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NCADD of Northeast Mississippi, Inc. Tupelo, MS -Affiliate of the Month- December 2017


  ABOUT: Since 1987, NCADD has been conducting it's annual workshop series. One day workshops feature top speakers/facilitators and cover the most current topics for social workers, law enforcement, mental health professionals, therapists & counselors, however, our workshops are open to anyone interested in attending. MISSION: To increase awareness of the prevalence & destructive nature of Alcoholism & related addiction.To offer information and referral services to the addicted, their families & others seeking help. Visit NCADD of Northeast Mississippi website NCADD Affiliates  

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Camden County Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse, Inc - Voorhees, NJ -Affiliate of the Month- November 2017


  CCCADA seeks to: PREVENT the disease of alcoholism, drug abuse and related problemsEDUCATE the public that alcoholism, drug abuse and related problems are treatable and preventableENCOURAGE early identification, intervention, treatment and continuum of care for alcoholism, drug abuse and related problemsVisit CCCADA website Visit CCCADA websiteSearch for other NCADD Affiliates  

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The Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance (SAARA)-Richmond, VA- Affiliate of the Month- October 2017


The Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia (SAARA) is a community-based grassroots membership organization of individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, their families, friends and committed community supporters.   The Substance Abuse and Addiction Recovery Alliance of Virginia (SAARA) is a community-based grassroots membership organization of individuals in recovery from alcohol and other drug addiction, their families, friends and committed community supporters.      Mission:   SAARA's mission is to celebrate, support and advocate for resources and services for the prevention of and recovery from substance abuse and addiction. SAARA promotes social, educational, legal, research and health care resources and services that support accessible, effective and accountable addictions: prevention, intervention, treatment and Recovery.   Vision:   * SAARA will be a clearing house for substance use disorder service resources. * We will increase our visibility and become the Recovery subject matter expert for the Commonwealth. * We will seek...

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The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) Tulare County, Inc. Tulare, CA- Affiliate of the Month- September 2017


ABOUT:  The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) Tulare County, Inc. is a non-profit, community-based organization providing prevention using evidence-based programs, education, information, and referral services to county residents, businesses, schools, and faith-based organizations since 1976.  MISSION:  The Mission of NCADD Tulare Co., Inc. is to provide prevention, education, information, help and hope in the fight against the chronic, often fatal disease of alcoholism & other drug dependencies, and to reduce the prevalence of underage drinking in Tulare County.  Visit their Google Places Page: NCADD Affiliates

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CAReS - Council on Addiction Recovery Services, Inc, Olean, NY, Affiliate of the Month- August 2017


HISTORY: Incorporated on July 12, 1974, the Council was the only non-profit agency in Cattaraugus County to provide prevention education and information referral services. The Council's first Board of Directors was elected in 1978.In 1984, with Board approval, the Council expanded its early intervention programs by adding a school-based substance abuse program. A few short years later, in 1986, the Council was able to promote itself as a full-service agency, as we assumed responsibility for the out-patient counseling clinic at the county-run Guidance Center to provide treatment to individuals recovering from alcohol and/or other drugs. Visit their website     Like them on Facebook NCADD Affiliates

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The Alcohol & Addictions Resource Center, South Bend, IN, Affiliate of the Month- June 2017


  Mission: The mission of the Alcohol & Addictions Resource Center is to prevent alcohol and other drug abuse through prevention, education, intervention, assessment and referral services for individuals, families and the community as well as provide leadership for collaborations and partnerships. In pursuit of this mission, AARC seeks to: Increase the public’s awareness and understanding about the nature of alcoholism and drug addiction and work to eliminate misconceptions about these diseases.Encourage proper diagnosis, treatment and continuum of care for individuals and families who are affected by the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction.Advocate public policy that will effectively deter alcohol and other drug abuse. Visit their website Like them on Facebook NCADD Affiliates      

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Pasadena Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, Social Model Recovery Systems - Affiliate of the Month - May 2017


  Mission: We are dedicated to offering hope, help, and guidance by providing information, education, prevention, and treatment to those suffering from substance use, mental health challenges, and co-occurring disorders. Vision: Social Model Recovery Systems envisions a world where communities can pursue social, economic, educational, and spiritual wellness free from alcohol, other drug and mental help problems. Beliefs: At Social Model Recovery Systems, we believe that hope endures and everyone’s life experience is valued. Since 1986, our Agency has offered treatment, education, and prevention opportunities that greatly differ from an institutional approach. At each of our locations, the community, comprised of staff and participants, plays a critical role in stabilizing and sustaining participant through innovative programs that create mutually supporting social systems. At Social Model, we hold that while we think as individuals, we succeed collectively. We believe that recovery is an individual choice and an ongoing process: it is demonstrated,...

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