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Express Scripts Sues Maker of Injectable Naloxone


The prescription management company Express Scripts is suing the maker of the injectable naloxone drug Evzio.

The price of the drug, which reverses opioid overdoses, quintupled last year.

Express Scripts claims it is owed more than $14.5 million in fees and rebates related to Evzio, which is made by the drug company Kaléo. Evzio is no longer on Express Scripts’ preferred drug list, The New York Times reports.

Kaléo said the price increase was meant to cover the cost of a new patient-assistance program that decreases the out-of-pocket costs for patients who cannot afford the drug. The company covers all out-of-pocket costs for patients with private insurance. For uninsured patients making less than $100,000 per year, the company offers Evzio at no cost.

Critics say these programs increase the price of drugs because they leave insurance companies to pay most of the costs, particularly when a less expensive version is available. Other forms of naloxone are available at much lower prices.

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